HURT NO MORE (Click Image to Order)
GOOD SECRETS, BAD SECRETS (Click Image to Order)

HURT NO MORE: The Healing Guide for Victims and Abusers


Domestic Violence is a heartbreaking epidemic that has been plaguing our nation for generations. It is a tough lifestyle that has both victims and abusers caught in a world of hurt and confusion. In Hurt No More, author and Domestic Violence survivor Deborah Monroe explores this epidemic and introduces readers on how to obtain healing and total victory from it.

Available online at: Barnes and Noble, Tate Publishing, Books-A-Million, Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon and other retailers.



Children often keep secrets, but not every secret should be kept. Good Secrets, Bad Secrets shows children the difference between good secrets and bad secrets.

Available online at: Barnes and Noble, LifeRich Publishing, Amazon, Google Play and other retailers.

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